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The Epic Minis Series is a continuity of micro vignettes focused on blending a contrasting medium of art with the foundation of film. Prioritizing efficiency and safety, the series serves as a showcase for new voices and artists from all around the Greater Philadelphia community.


Presented by The Five Sands 

Featured Collaborators and Producers


Roland Boyden


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A lover of all things DIY, Roland has been working in indie film and TV for the past fifteen years with a focus on shorts and music videos. He is the co-founder of Fresh Show Films, a frequent collaborator with the Five Sands, and is def more a cat person than a dog person (but no shade dog peeps, he loves him a cute dog too).

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Brianna benozich


Alyssa Batsakis (she/her) is an actor/singer/human in Philly. She is drawn to work that crosses genres & works in the mediums of stage, screen & voice over. Alyssa was most recently seen in a National Broadcast Commercial with Penn Medicine. When not doing the art thing, you can find Alyssa being a self-proclaimed "home chef" or helping people find their forever homes as a recently licensed Real Estate Agent. She holds a BFA in Musical Theater from the University of the Arts. Find out more on AlyssaBatsakis.com.





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A long absence from the stage takes it's toll on chronic daydreamer Julia. 

“Better...” was created by Philly filmmaker/content creator Roland Boyden & actress/singer Alyssa Batsakis. Doubling both as a love letter and a slight commentary on the current musical theatre experience during the pandemic, “Better...” serves a piece of home that is all to familiar for those who miss it. Alyssa and Roland collaborated fiercely on this mini. Ella Burgos and Ashley Burkart then came in and provided a sound and music scape like no other. The rest of the amazing crew and Phillycam provided a safe and beautiful experience for everyone that allowed us to fully focus on creating this musical world. 

Brianna Benozich (she/her) is a screenwriter/comedian in Philadelphia. She uses humor to tell stories about her experiences growing up in the city (Philly is known for its wild characters after all). When not studying Screenwriting and Film Studies at the University of the Arts, Brianna is performing stand up comedy, writing/filming comedy sketches, and writing analytical film essays."

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Two old friends are reunited by an uncommon and rather traumatic experience.

Our next Epic Mini features an epic collaboration between newcomer writer & comedian Brianna Benozich and performer/director Elijah Primero. A collaboration bond formed over reunion anxiety, dark comedies, and Schitt's Creek; this project explores post grad life and the extremes taken by each of us in order to have a nice day. 

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