Director: Emily Angelucci

Screenwriter:  Steven Primero

Genre:  Drama, Action Thriller


In the golden age of Gotham, vigilantes were the protectors of the night. After a decade of tranquility. former vigilantes and rivals; Nightwing, now Dick, and Red Hood, now Jason; live quietly away from eac other and away from their former lives. But when both are unexpectedly taken hostage underground, will they see past their differences to see who the real enemy is?

Cast & Crew



Director - Emily Angelucci
Asst. Director/ Producer/Screenwriter - Steven Primero

Starring Anthony Ocampo, Frank Jimenez, Hallie Grace, Gavin Cole, & Yusef Barton. 
Camera Operator/ Director of Photography - Ryan Baldwin
Gaffer/ Set Photographer/ Associate Producer -  Ryan Stofa
Production Designer - Shaelyn Weatherup
Costume Designer/Props Master - Jordan Jones
Audio Recordist - Sam Carlen
Sound Designer/Foley Artist/Composer - Ashley Burkart
Fight Choreographer - Seth Bullock
Makeup Artist - Rachel Guerra
Script Supervisor - Iman Jones

Key Grip - Larry Barnes

Grey Matter -
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