our story


Elijah Primero & Frank Jimenez


Back in 2016, both Frank Jimenez and I were entering different artistic changes in our lives, imagining all the new possibilities that would come. But one thing stayed on our minds, making a movie. Frank had some earlier experience with film on the acting side in Cali, and even made his own in our hometown. I was writer in Philly. We talked about it for days, then one night I had a dream. The dream left me with three words, The Five Sands. I told Frank the next morning and by the night he had already mocked up a logo design; the hand. Seeing the logo and the name sparked a fire under us to make and do as many films as we could. A year and a half later, we launched the beginning pieces of our platform. On October 21,2017, we celebrated the beginning of our releases with The Arrival. A night filled with movies, dancing, and community support. Frank, I and the rest of the team knew we had what we needed to continue. 


Being aspiring sound engineer and musician, Ashley provided a star quality to the sound of these films and a design that was unmatched. Ashley's background in marketing also propelled us into a marketing strategy that would immerse us completely into the world of the film. 

So we got to work and in 2018, after releasing the first entire wave of passion projects, we started working on our second phase of material. The team tackled project after project, month after month. A period of five months saw three projects, all in production, all shootings around and next to each other. During this time we discovered an efficient DIY process for filmmaking, especially with the very little micro budgets we had. And in post, we met one of the most influential contributors and the third to our founder group, Ashley Burkart.



Post was as they all say, hell. But when we finished in 2019, we finally got to present all of our hard work in the biggest launch we had ever done yet, Phase II. And along with it, came The Collective; a support peer community and collaboration/production team operating within The Five Sands

Phase II delivered us not only new releases, but new challenges and new approaches to what we love to do. Our projects became not just videos, but labors of love from so many hopeful and talented artists and creators. Storytellers began their artistic journeys on this platform. And from there, the stories bloomed. 2020 saw the bulk of our releases, a blessing in disguise due to the rapid COVID-19 pandemic. 


We now approach our third wave of material, walking back into a world filled with chaos and a pandemic is no easy task. But though the challenge rises, we pour our love into our team. And into the stories that await us. 

- Elijah Primero, Co-Founder.