When there is only the dream, the reality of the delusion will never surface. "SLEEPWALK" follows the turbulence within a dysfunctional relationship as it spirals downward. To sleepwalk is to move while asleep to the world around you, continuing life's action as your mind stays missing from real life. But when it's the beginning of the end, will you know? Will you wake up? 

is this your dream, or theirs?





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The 1940s are a 4 piece alternative rock band from South Philadelphia. Members
include John Mackara, Matthew Mackara, Josh Stephenson, and Nick Cervini. The current group
has been together since the Spring of 2018. The band’s name was inspired by lead singer John’s
early years hanging out with friends in Marconi Park and Wildwood, where 40s were the drink
of choice. June 2019 saw the release of their debut album, The Marconi EP.


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